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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Find Freedom From Food


Health and wellness is a journey. Are you struggling with low energy, confused about diet and nutrition, lacking confidence and motivation to get started on your path to weight loss and better health? Working with me will not be like a fad diet or a quick fix. I will work with anyone determined and committed to transforming their life. My programs meet you where you currently are in your own personal health and wellness journey. I will walk with you and coach, educate and motivate you to achieve your personal goals. During our time together we will focus on mindset growth and sustainable habit change so not only will you attain those goals but you will be able to maintain them as your journey through life's twists and turns continues.


Choose the program that's right for you!   Whatever your goals, I will support you.  


 My personal journey has taken a new twist in the last year where I have discovered the importance of eating more plants and less gluten for improved gut health, weight loss and many other significant life changing benefits. Gone are the days of counting everything I put in my mouth, constantly restricting calories or carbs leading to unhealthy binge patterns.  I've finally discovered


If you’d like to learn how to “go gluten free” or begin a journey toward eating more or all plant based whole foods, I can help you take back control from food.  Eat as much as you want, feel amazing, reduce your likelihood of disease and even lose weight!  Sounds too good to be true! It's not.  LET'S BEGIN OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER!

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Recipes & Tips 


I love to cook!  If you think you hate cooking,  I will help you learn to love it!  I cook every day trying new recipes a few times every week!  Check out my recipes here and watch for video cooking lessons coming soon!


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Plant Based nutrition coaching
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