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Prepping and Planning is KEY!

If you want to have success on any meal plan or weight loss program, you MUST find time to prep and plan your meals. I save lots of time by batch cooking large quantities of foods twice a week so I don't have to cook every night. Here I have a large pot of lentil soup, protein pasta that can be added to any bowls, or the kids can just grab and eat if they are hungry, my favorite protein oat casserole that takes time to cook so I make three servings at a time and it's ready to go in the morning! In the oven is a giant sheet try full of cut veggies roasting it's way to yumminess. I usually do broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and sweet potatoes. Then you have veggies prepped for three days too and all you have to do is pair them with a protein. Easy! Make the time and you will be in a much better place for success. You won't find yourself "hangry" and needing to grab the first thing you come in contact with when you walk in the house or worse drive through the dreaded fast food and mess up all the good decisions you've made all week. Always have a plan and prepare ahead. In my 12 week program I will teach you all the tips and tricks!

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