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LAURIE G. In her own words

When I began being coached by Jennifer I was confused, unhappy and unhealthy. I had little hope for myself and was doubtful anything could help me. I had heard of Optavia and even tried it once, but it did not seem right for me.

     Jennifer’s coaching helped me a great deal in making good health choices and feeling good about myself. She is very upbeat and positive, and helped me learn how to turn negatives into positives as well as make better life choices. She is genuine in her wanting to help people and has a very motivating personality. Through her I have learned to drink ‘naked water (no flavoring)’ and plan ahead. I am not a one night wonder and have not had a tremendous, speedy weight loss, but with her guidance I have had a steady weight loss as well as a change in attitudes and habits.  Yes, the white M&M’s still try and call me, but I feel no urge to answer or take them home. Yes, slip-ups happen, but Jennifer has always been available to calm me and get me back on track. She makes great suggestions and celebrates my Scale as well as Non-Scale victories. 

     Jennifer always keeps to her scheduled weekly calls and sometimes we speak in between our scheduled times. She gives her all as a Coach. I highly recommend Jennifer and the Optavia System. Thanks to both, I have lost approximately 35 pounds and am on the road to a much healthier lifestyle. The food is easy to prepare and take with you, nutritious and delicious. In addition to the food, Jennifer has a very motivating and positive way about her and has been helping me stick to it. Three cheers for my Coach and the plan!


-Laurie G

New York

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