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More Creative Salads

I used to make the most boring salads. The standard romaine, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes and some bottled dressing. OH NO! Not anymore! I've gotten super creative and added all kinds of delicious elements. This one i.s raw broccoli, thinly sliced raw carrots, finely diced red onion, sliced red grapes, toasted pine nuts and roasted chick peas with a little cooked brown rice. You could add additional protein if you like and make it a complete meal. I've also been experimenting with my own homemade salad dressings. I'll post more of those soon. This was super simple. I used low fat mayo, white vinegar and a tiny bit of sugar. I don't measure much when I cook but I know a lot of you want precise directions so here's what I did with the dressing. Half cup low fat mayo (this is only about 120 calories and I made it into 4 servings) I added about 2 Tbs white vinegar and two teaspoons of sugar (only 30 calories). Taste it first! If you like it sweeter add another tsp sugar. If you like it tangy, add more vinegar. I then added about 2-4 Tbs of water and thinned it out with a whisk until it's the consistency you like. This was delicious! You can use as much veggies as you like. For the nuts any nut will do. I used about 1/4 to 1/2 cup. For the rice I used about 3/4 c.

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