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Protein Oats - The Perfect Balance of Carbs and Protein

There are a million was to do this. Gluten Free oats are a blank canvas you can be super creative with and make amazing complete meals with. This particular one is chocolate peanut butter and banana. I prefer the certified gluten free steel cut oats. All of the fiber in in tact so you actually get fiber and protein out of the oats themselves. This is one serving of oats cooked with 1 c cauliflower rice which is a great way to add veggies with no taste, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder adding 24 g protein, 1 Tbs PB2 for that amazing combination of chocolate and PB. Sliced bananas on top to sweeten. If you need a little sweeter add a few drops of stevia. Delicious and nutritionally balanced breakfast!

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