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Tofu Scramble - A Versatile Vegetarian Protein

The biggest question I get from people when I tell them I am now vegetarian is how to get enough protein. Well first of all we don't need as much protein as we've been led to believe over the years. You can learn about this in my coaching classes. There are many sources of good vegetarian protein. Tofu is like a blank slate taking on the flavor of anything you pair it with. This was a delicious breakfast scramble I created. I started with dry sautéing chopped onion, added a little orange bell pepper and some chopped baby potatoes. I added a little veggie stock as it cooked until the potatoes became soft. Finally, because I always need to have something green, I added some baby spinach at the end. You can add any spices you like. For this one I added garlic salt, paprika and turmeric. It was delicious! For you macro counters it was a nice balance of 1:1 protein and carbs and very low fat! Great for breakfast!

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